When may Amazon FBA be wrong for you ?

  1. You sell small volume on Amazon meaning 40 items or less or if the majority of your sales are on other channels, it may not be worth going through the bureaucracy and trouble of using FBA.
  2. Your products have a small profit margin (less than a 250% markup), in which case you may not be generating enough income in order to cover Amazon Seller FeesĀ as well as FBA fees.
  3. You sell:
    • Slow selling
    • Large
    • Heavy

Items, there is a good chance you will rack up hefty fees as FBA charges you based on the size/weight of your item as well as the duration it sits on the shelf. I will go into depth about these fees shortly.

  1. You are using older eCommerce systems which do not integrate well with FBA, in that case you may want to reconsider since this may require a lot of manual work and thereby diminish many of the benefits gained through FBA. If however you are using newer platforms which sync well with Amazon such as:
    • Shopify
    • BigCommerce

Then you can automatically sync your orders to MCF and enjoy the ease of automation that FBA affords.